Mike Sitz Angus Ranch / Joel Johnston Angus
Hosts 50th Annual Bull Sale

Mike and Debra Sitz, and Joel and Bethany Johnston hosted their 50th Annual Bull Sale at the Burwell Livestock Market, on Monday, February 6, 2023. The day turned sunny and warm, being a welcome change from the frigid cold and piles of snow and ice that people had been contending with in the previous weeks. With the improvement of temperatures cattlemen seemed in an optimistic mood.

For a century the Sitz family has been devoted to building a cowherd centered around functional and problem free Angus genetics, and coming from this cow herd was a very uniform set of bulls, with 87 head of Mike Sitz and Joel Johnstonís Coming- Two-Year-Old Angus bulls, averaging $6468.

The high selling bull was Lot 24, MSAR Emblazon 2092 Ė 1104, a son of MSAR Emblazon 2092. A well put together, thick bull, sold to repeat customer Brandon Bruha, Ord, Nebraska, selling for $15,500. This bull is out of the highly proven Dora cow line, with a maternal pedigree packed with Pathfinders. The Dora line traces back to home raised Pathfinder Sire, MSAR Forte 6776, and sires Papa Forte 1921, Sitz Traveler 8180. The Dora cow has 13 calves on record, with a Birth Ratio of 13/98, a Wean Ratio of 13/107 and a Yearling Ratio of 9/105. Lot 24ís actual birth weight is 84 pounds, with a Wean Ratio of 113 and a Yearling Ratio of 106.

Repeat customer, Hauserman Ranch, North Platte, purchased Lot 25, JJA Emblazon 2092- 1150, a bull from the Joel and Bethany Johnston herd, sold to for $13,000. This is a stylish, attractive, thick made bull with three Pathfinder sires in the maternal side of a three-generation pedigree. The dam is a Sitz Dash daughter, from the Marshall Queen cow line, with the cow herself being a Pathfinder.

Lot 34, MSAR Justified 1012, sold for $13,000, going to repeat customer Steve Whipple, Cambridge, NE. This attractive, thick bull is out of a favorite Pathfinder cow, Msar Blackbird 1036, where her grandsire was also MSAR Forte 6776. She has 10 calves on record, with a Birth Ratio of 10/103, and Wean Ratio of 10 at 106 and a Yearling Ratio of 9 at 107. He had an actual birth weight of 77 pounds a Wean Ratio of 108 and a yearling ratio of 112.

Lot 43, MSAR Substantial 1054, sold to Brandon Bruha, Ord, NE for $12,000. This bull is a low birth weight, maternal bull, combined with high growth from a moderate framed cow. Again, in the maternal side of this Dora cow family, you will find MSAR Forte 6776. You will find seven Pathfinders in a threegeneration pedigree. This bull had a CED of +10, a Birth of -1.1, a Wean of +68, a Yearling of +127, a CEM of +7, and Milk of +28. He has an actual birth weight of 70 pounds, a Wean Ratio of 110 and a Yearling Ratio of 113. He was out of a first calf heifer.

Lot 44, MSAR Substantial 1055, sold to Randy Bruha, Ord, NE, for $12,000. A calving ease bull, he had an actual birth weight of 70 pounds, a Wean Ratio of 102 and a Yearling Ratio of 104. He comes from the Blackbird line, with EPDís of +11 CED, -1.3 for Birth, +53 for Wean, +95 for Yearling, +24 for Milk and a +84 for $M, he is also out of a first calf heifer.

Lot 42, MSAR Substantial 1052, sold to Mike Gesiriech, Newport, NE, for $11,500. Out of a first calf heifer from the Marshall Queen family, this eye appealing bull had an actual birth weight of 75 pounds, a Wean Ratio of 116 and a Yearling Ratio of 112. He had EPDís of +8 CED, +0 Birth, +61 Weaning, +102 for Yearling, +7 for CEM, +27 for Milk and +86 for $M.

Mike Baxter, Ainsworth, was the auctioneer.



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