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MSAR Forte 6776
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MSAR Forte 6776 is structurally correct and stylish, working well on all types of cattle. His sire group continues to be very consistent, balancing out all cow types.

6776’s bloodline traces back to PAPA Forte 1921, one of the great carcass bulls of the breed. His dam, 1029, is a Pathfinder cow having a BR of 9/95, WR of 9/106 and YR of 9/106. She is considered one of the best cows raised on this ranch.

6776 is not a single trait bull, but doing it all well, and being a cow maker may well be his best trait. His daughters are proving this by producing some of our best-looking calves.

Forte 6776’s calves are extra vigorous at birth and the bull also has a good disposition. Early in the 2009 breeding season he was injured and we were forced to put him down. We continue to use him as an AI sire.

MSAR Forte 6776 earned the Pathfinder Sire Award beginning in 2016 for having produced daughters that qualified for the Pathfinder report. To earn this award, MSAR Forte 6776 has produced daughters that have met the rigid requirements for early calving, regularity of calving, and exceptional weaning weights outlined in the Angus Pathfinder Program.

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CTR Rito 5503
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We acquired this bull at the Cedar Top Ranch bull sale. We purchased him primarily because of his three-generation pedigree that is packed with seven maternal Pathfinder sires including his sire, Rito 054 GDAR, and grandsires CSU Rito 4114 and QAS Traveler 23-4. The dam of Rito 054 GDAR is Blackcap Forever 485 GDAR; dam to the leading herd sires Viking 977 GDAR and Traveler 1148 GDAR.

CTR Rito 5503’s dam is a QAS Traveler 23-4 daughter with AAR New Trend on the bottom side of her pedigree.

CSU Rito 4114, QAS Traveler 24-3 and Rito 054 GDAR made such a positive impact in our cowherd in the earlier years that the chance to find a son so closely related was a significant opportunity for us.

Following the maternal tradition, our first daughters from Rito CTR 5503 are in production and they are showing much promise of being a great set of cows.

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Dars Walk On 4 Traveler 584

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Dars Walk On 4 Traveler 584 was raised by Darwin Peckham near Bristow, South Dakota. Walk On has a remarkable pedigree wrapped up in one genetic package.

Dars Walk On is the most structurally correct bull that we have seen in years. He is extremely sound, has a great set to his legs, and travels really well.

Woven through his pedigree are stalwart sires that have made a positive impact on the Angus breed.

Sires such as GDAR Traveler 584 LT, QAS Traveler 23-4, N Bar Emulation EXT, Transformer 100 EAR, Traveler 1148 GDAR, CSU Rito 4114, Rito 054 GDAR, and Candolier Forever 376 are deliberately intertwined throughout the layers of his pedigree.

The sire to Dars Walk On, GDAR Traveler 584 L T, made moderate sized females who were excellent producers. (Click here for a GDAR Traveler 584 L T photo.)

The grand dam to GDAR Traveler 584 LT, Eileenmere Lady 83 GDAR, was a foundation cow of Gartner and Denowh Angus Ranch, being the same linage that produced AAR New Trend and Oscar 711.

Sitz Barbara Perfection 4368 is the dam to Dars Walk On 4 Traveler 584. She was born in the Sitz herd from Montana, and is from the Barbara Perfection family that produced sale-topping animals for the Sitz program during those years.

Even though this cow family brought in much revenue, Peckham was interested in Sitz Barbara Perfection 4368 because of her generational pyramid of good cows stacked behind her. She has had eleven calves, with Walk On as her last natural calf.

For those of you who desire to stay on the maternal track, Dars Walk On 4 Traveler 584 is a bull where all the work has been accomplished. We believe Dars Walk On will put fleshing ability and capacity into his calves, and sustainability back into your herd. He has those traits that have made the Angus cow so desirable.

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MSAR Right Time 7757

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MSAR Right Time 7757’s sire, 24J, is known as the Cow Maker. 7757’s daughters are following this pattern, being moderate framed, sharp and feminine, with excellent udders. Right Time 7757 is from the Msar Proud Formera 1029 cow and a half brother to our MSAR Forte 6776 bull. MSAR Right Time 7757 was the high selling bull in our 2009 Sale to Darwin Peckham at Bristow, SD.

MSAR Right Time 7757’s daughters are proving to be good solid cows.

His three-generation pedigree is packed with ten Pathfinders, including his dam. She has a BR of 9/95, WR of 9/106 and a YR of 9/106. MSAR Right Time 7757’s actual birth weight was 80 pounds, with a birth ratio of 92; a Wean Ratio of 102 and a Yearling Ratio of 111.

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MSAR Chinook 9569
See Pedigree

MSAR Chinook 9569 is a calving ease bull, and a son of CAR Chinook 786.

We chose to use MSAR Chinook 9569 in our herd because of his sire’s flawless pedigree and strong performance on his dam’s side going back several generations. Both his sire and dam have generations of documented maternal strength.

The maternal grand sire, Sitz Traveler 6802, is a noted female producer. The dam and grand dam of Chinook 9569 are consistently high producing cows, having seven, and nine calves on record. The great-grand dam, 890, is a N Bar Emulation EXT daughter. She was a high producing, good uddered female as a fifteen year old, with a total of 14 calves on record. Her daughters are following this same pattern of consistent production.

MSAR Chinook is very stylish and slightly larger framed than our Forte and Right Time sires. Chinook, like his sire, CAR Chinnook 786, breeds into his progeny an excellent disposition with eye appeal from start to finish. We have been pleased with the daughters in production.

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MSAR Wilfred 0041
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MSAR Wilfred 0041 is a larger framed bull that we retained from our 2010 calf crop. We used MSAR Wilfred 0041 because of his several generations of strong performance and documented maternal strength on both sides of his pedigree.

Wilfred’s great-granddam, Msar Marshall Queen 234-524 has eleven calves on record. She has interwoven into both sides of her pedigree Rito 054 of GDAR, CSU Rito 4114 and QAS Traveler 23-4. His granddam, Msar Marshall Queen 0970, is double bred to DHD Traveler 6807 and she has produced three outstanding daughters for our herd. His dam, Msar Marshall Queen 4100, was a high producing cow with ratios of 6 calves at 105 on birth; 6 at 106 for weaning, and six at 107 for Yearling.

MSAR Wilfred 0041 was named after Debby’s father, who was a cattle feeder for over 50 years. With carcass bulls included in the pedigree such as LT 598 Bando 9074 and Papa Forte 1921, we thought it a suitable name for this bull.

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MSAR Emblazon 2092 - 4079
See Pedigree

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MSAR Game Day 4042

See Pedigree and Cow Linage

MSAR Game Day 4042 has the right frame score to produce functional and efficient females with muscle and thickness.

While a prolific breeder, he easily maintains his weight on grass during the breeding season. His progeny are eye-appealing cattle with great dispositions.

MSAR Game Day 4042 has 10 Pathfinders in his three-generation pedigree. There is a history of longevity evident in the generations of his outstanding cow family. Within MSAR Game Days 4042's pedigree you will find "Old 827", with her 17 calves on record, with high producing cows following her pattern of production. Home raised MSAR Forte 6776, a Pathfinder Sire, is his maternal grand sire. If you are looking to extend your grazing season -- and your pocket book -- with a moderate framed cow, this bull will produce the type of cattle you are seeking in a complete package.

MSAR Game Day 4042 is a perfect example of why we use our own bulls to make cows. See his progeny in the 2017 and 2019 Calf Galleries.


CAR Chinnook 786
See Pedigree
Lineage Ratios

We had our first calf crop out of CAR Chinnook 786 in 2009. We were first attracted to Chinnook’s flawless pedigree and his generations of maternal excellence. As an outside AI sire, he is one of the most consistent bulls at weaning that we have used in a long time. He consistently stamps each calf with his good disposition, eye appeal and thickness from start to finish.

We are pleased with Chinnook’s daughters in production. The cows have surpassed our expectations. At the present time our Chinnook daughters have the most production in our herd. Their sons selling in our annual sale are the stand out ones, and as people view our heifers, the Chinnook daughters are the first ones they ask about. It is rare to find a maternal bull that sires both such eye appealing daughters and sons.

Connelly Angus Ranch states that Chinnook’s progeny scanned 100 IMF and 105 for Ribeye Area. CAR Chinnook 786 is a proven calving ease sire, his daughters have plenty of milk, and an eye appealing style that is all their own.

Connelly Angus Ranch, Valier, MT; Darwin Peckham, Bristol, SD, and Master Angus Ranch, Chinook, MT, own Chinnook. Chinnook was raised in the Connelly herd in Montana.

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See Pedigree

MSAR Emblazon 4086 is a proven calving ease sire while his progeny exhibit excellent growth at weaning. MSAR Emblazon 4086 was purchased at our 2006 Bull Sale by Cedar Top Ranch, Stapleton. Later we began using 4086 extensively through AI on our heifers because of his outstanding dam and grand dam. His progeny are attractive cattle with thickness. They are easy fleshing, sound and structurally correct, with his sons being tight sheathed. Emblazon 4086’s daughters have a more moderate frame size with excellent udders.

MSAR Emblazon 4086’s dam has production records of 13 calves at 98 for Birth, 13 calves at 98 for Wean and 12 calves at 99 for Yearling . The grand dam to this bull, Old 827, has produced 17 calves with Birth ratios of 100, Wean Ratios of 101 and Yearling Ratios of 101. We think enough of this bull that we used his sons exclusively as cleanup this last breeding season.

MSAR Emblazon 4086’s sire group was well received in our 2014 sale, averaging $8444.

See our 2015 Calf Crop photo gallery for photos of MSAR Emblazon 4086 progeny.


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See Pedigree

MSAR Emblazon 2092, a son of MSAR Emblazon 4086, is an impressive, free moving bull that travels well with great feet and legs. He is a thick, deep bodied, and moderate framed, producing progeny with calving ease and high weaning and yearling weights.

MSAR Emblazon 2092’s pedigree contains a succession of highly productive cows with longevity, tracing back to respected sires such as DHD Traveler 6807; Right Time 24J; QAS Traveler 23-4; Schearbrook Shoshone; Papa Forte 1921; N Bar Emulation EXT and GDAR Rainmaker 340.

MSAR Emblazon 2092 would rank in the “easy keeping” and “easy fleshing” category. While a prolific breeder, he maintains his weight on grass during the breeding season.

We used two of 2092’s sons for cleanup on our cows. One of these sons, MSAR Emblazon 2092 – 4079, later became the high selling bull at $14,000 in our 2016 Bull Sale.

MSAR Emblazon 2092 and MSAR Emblazon 2092 - 4079 are both owned by Clayton Gurney, Burwell, Nebraska.

Begin in our 2014 Calf Crop photo gallery to view photos of MSAR Emblazon 2092 progeny.



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