Our Philosophy

Since the early 1920’s the Sitz family has been involved with Angus cattle. The Marshall Queens, Blackbirds, Evidences Eppionia’s, Erica Ellen’s, Proud Formera’s, Dora’s and the Emma E’s still found in our herd today all trace back to Grandfather Will Sitz’s seven original cow families. Furthermore, nearly 100 percent of our present day cowherd is direct descendents from these seven original cow families.

Without the disadvantage and distraction of buying into other cowlines, we have a consistency that can only be achieved from generations of selective breeding. Efficient cow lines have emerged by staying on track, avoiding fads and being committed to raising fault free cattle. For over 100 years they have stood the test of time and rigid selection.




The most important elements of functional and profitable cattle are hard to measure and are complicated to explain. With all the countless numbers in the world available it still does not replace the day in and day out hands on experience within our own cowherd. In the bull selection process we have the knowledge of what to expect, passing that understanding on to our customers.

It is our responsibility as a seed stock producer to end the perpetuation of problem traits. If we see a problem, and no matter how the numbers stack up for that certain animal, we will not pass these problems down to our customers. We have always had a strict culling policy and our customers are the ones that ultimately benefit from this practice.

Our cowherd is a family treasure and we regard it as such. With our knowledge and experience of pedigrees, and with the careful consideration taken of the sire selection process, we have avoided the traps and pitfalls of many registered operations. Because of this ours is an AM and NH Free herd.

Our Sale Bull Management -

The Mike Sitz Angus Ranch bull program is unique to most of those in the industry by marketing exclusively top coming two-year-old virgin bulls that are raised under range conditions.

The bulls are developed in an open range environment with the goal of developing long-term soundness. We do not supplement their Sandhills summer pasture, so those bulls that perform on grass are more easily evaluated. Cows are harvesters of grass, and the real proof is the efficiency of their performance in a grass-based environment.

While they continue to range on a quarter section pasture the bulls are started on a high roughage ration in November prior to the sale in February.The bulls have been sorted to the top cut of bulls and fertility tested by a licensed veterinarian.

When you attend our sale, our bulls are more easily evaluated because there are no conformation faults hidden behind high camouflage fat. We all know when it comes to bull marketing – to put it simply – fat sells. We can avoid the negative effects of overfeeding in relation to the long-term health of the bull.

Since our bulls are grown in an open range environment, they are more apt to stay sound longer. Ask any of our repeat customers -- they will say the same: soundness and longevity are definite pluses in our program. Our returning customers are the backbone of our bull sale success and they have learned to appreciate how the bulls are presented.

One has to look long and hard in the industry today to find registered bulls managed in this practical, no nonsense sort of way. By drawing from the personal understanding of our herd, the buyers can be confident that we are able to help them find the bull best suited for their program.



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